Advice for home buying couples.

Location, Location, Location.

Many times when working with first time home buyers, we have found that they have no idea where they want to live. As real estate agents trying to select homes for showings, this makes our job extremely difficult.

We have worked with buyers previously who say they want to look in different cities which may be geographically 30 miles from each other. They are in different school districts, different counties and different ends of the Georgia Metro Area.

Our advice to would-be buyers is to do some homework ahead of time and try to narrow your search by a geographic area.

How do you do this research? Easy! Go to Zillow Local Search. From here, you can enter a city that you are interested in and drill down to specific information including Crime, Schools, Commute, Amenities, Affordability, and Hazards.

Zillow then overlays statistics for that criterion on the map of the area. This is a great way to decide whether or not your area of interest is in a high crime area or maybe if it’s in an area that is susceptible to flooding.

This research will help the first time home buyer home in on a preferred area and prevent the need for covering the entire geographic area. The more focused a buyer can be, the better chance at successfully finding the home of their dreams they will have.

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